Monday, 18 March 2013


i thought i would upload some pics of my old casts, all of them are plaster solely because it is a lot cheaper than resin or silicone. it is good but obviously you cant really do press molds (this is where you put a dollop of plasticine in your mold and stand on it) and it will always be fragile. if you want to know how i made these check out my earlier post for the basic principles of any mold. so here is some of my earlier work.

stalk body

hand mold

face mold

frankenstein monster head mold

snake monster head top

monster head bottom

stalk wing

as you can see it will pick up a lot of detail and if you make it too thin it will break. if it does break you can glue it back together but more likely than not it will keep on breaking.
on a side note i seem to always make things with feathers or scales, if you have ever made a scaley figure can you please leave a comment as to what you think is the best way of doing it as i put them on individually and it takes forever. i am pretty happy with my feathers though.


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