Sunday, 27 November 2011


I was watching Star Wars the Clone Wars series 3 the other day and saw the episode with chewbacca and it got me wondering, what would an ewok look like? so I grabbed a picture off the internet of the most loved ewok, wicket. i decided that i would only make a bust as sculpting the body would drive me nuts and i only wanted to spend a day making it. i quickly drew a slightly simplified design.
once I was happy with the design i got my materials and started sculpting the face, this took the best part of 5 hours. I used super sculpey with metal ball bearings for eyes. I attached each clump of hair individually. once that was done I made the rest of the head in the same way. when everything was cooked i used green stuff to add some finer detail on his hood, fur on the ears and to fill in some of the gap on the face.

when everything had set i painted it using games workshop acrylics. from start to finish this took 15 hours and is roughly 3 inches tall (not including base pictured below).

star wars clone wars wicket

thank you for looking

Friday, 11 November 2011

old work part 3

 As a model maker I, of course, started with games workshop miniatures. The model on the left is based on one of my favorite drawings (below). i had to build the legs and lower torso from scratch and heavily convert the rest. Although i made this figure about four years ago, i am still proud of it as I got quite a lot of detail into it.

this is another sculpt that is based on a drawing. it is wolverine being eaten by a t-rex. i wanted to do this for ages but didn't know how to start. then i got the idea to get a t-rex toy and convert it, but all of the ones that i found never quite fit the bill. then one day i went to hastings and went into a little model store and my girlfriend called me over and showed me this facial reconstruction kit of a rex. it consisted of a skull and tools. i made the rex out of milliput and wolverine out of super sculpey (my first time using this material).

 I designed this yoda whilst on holiday in greece. when i got back i put it with all my other used pads and doodles and forgot about it for a few years. One day i was rooting through my drawings and i found it. the following week i was having a star wars day with my friends so i decided to make it. i only had a little bit of sculpey so i got a jam jar lid and started sculpting.

i made this ork bust because i was bored and had some clay to hand. it was a bit of a quick job to make. i think i made it in a day including painting.

this was one of my last games workshop figures that i made. The original model was just a plain dreadnaught that came in a box set. I then proceeded to completely destroy the poor thing and broke out the green stuff. this took about a week to build and i am particularly happy with the little nurglings sitting on it.

for a better image of the dreadnaught, please check out

Monday, 7 November 2011


this is just a quick post, i want to show you my entry into a red bull competition. it is inspired by steampunk and frankenstein. i hope you like it.