Sunday, 27 November 2011


I was watching Star Wars the Clone Wars series 3 the other day and saw the episode with chewbacca and it got me wondering, what would an ewok look like? so I grabbed a picture off the internet of the most loved ewok, wicket. i decided that i would only make a bust as sculpting the body would drive me nuts and i only wanted to spend a day making it. i quickly drew a slightly simplified design.
once I was happy with the design i got my materials and started sculpting the face, this took the best part of 5 hours. I used super sculpey with metal ball bearings for eyes. I attached each clump of hair individually. once that was done I made the rest of the head in the same way. when everything was cooked i used green stuff to add some finer detail on his hood, fur on the ears and to fill in some of the gap on the face.

when everything had set i painted it using games workshop acrylics. from start to finish this took 15 hours and is roughly 3 inches tall (not including base pictured below).

star wars clone wars wicket

thank you for looking

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