Friday, 30 March 2012

no new work

it's been a while since my last post and i really haven't done much in the way of sculpting mostly because of my new job. however i thought i would put up some pictures of some older work that has yet to be shown.

this was my first attempt at pumpkin carving of an abc robot.

this is the small set for one of my animations, these are just light tests but it is still one of my favorite sets that i have made. It is made of foam board that i cut and bent into a tunnel, i then coated the walls in pva glue and sand and the floor is made from pva mixed with shards of plaster then coated in water effect.

this is a stop motion puppet that i made of a victorian soldier. the skull (pictured left) has a hinged jaw that could be move using a bolt that resides in the center of the skull. i used an allen key to move it and i hid the hole in the head with his hair. his face was made of a thin skin of latex (pictured below).

this is the sculpt for my two-face costume. I first sculpted a rough likeness of myself (left), i then started the final sculpt. this was the first sculpt that I didn't use references for as i had an idea of what I wanted it to look like.

this is a commission sculpt that i did for a young graphic artist, it is based on his comic book character Brocolli Man. he had a rough idea of what he wanted with it and gave me a quick drawing but i was given quite a bit of artistic license. as you can see he was pretty happy with it and it took about ten minutes until he stopped swearing.

thanks for looking

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