Thursday, 29 December 2011

hello again.
i haven't done much recently as i have been searching for a job and with christmas present searching. however i have managed to sculpt a few things so here they are.
finding nemo
"hey there mr grumpy gills"
first off i apologize for the background of this picture, like all my work this is made from super sculpey. the reason i made this that i was watching finding nemo and it came to my favorite scene, so i thought that i should make it. it took 1 day to make marlin and 2 days for dory.
parsley the lion figure

i made parsley the lion for my girlfriend as part of her christmas presents, it didn't take too long as it's only small but i am quite happy with the detailing.

if you have any questions about sculpting please leave a comment and i will reply as best i can.



  1. How does one contact Alexander the Young? You should put an email here if you're looking for work. :) I'm looking for a Mold Maker. I don't find any contact info here? -jgreen (@) laika (dot) com-

  2. sorry about that, i am still getting used to blogging. i have updated my profile with my contact information. thank you for telling me about the problem and look forward to hearing from you.